Our History

Dr. Larsen opened the doors of his practice in 1986 as the first Endodontist (root canal specialist) in Cache Valley. In 2021 Dr. Larsen and Dr. Sterling joined forces to form Sterling Endodontics. Sterling Endodontics is devoted to providing high-quality endodontic services. These services are essential to prevent and cure dental diseases of the dental pulp. We are interested in our patients living with a pain-free and healthy dentition.

When we help our patients decide on the best treatment plan we consider how we would like to be treated in the same situation. Most of the time, saving the natural tooth is the best treatment option. However, if that treatment option is not best for our patients we want them to know.

Sterling Endodontics stands on the firm reputation that has been built by Dr. Larsen for the past 35 years. We look forward to continuing to serve our neighbors in Cache Valley and beyond with the best endodontic treatment possible.